The Union Street Urban Orchard

The Union Street Urban Orchard

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Blogging here we go…

July 19th, 2010 · LivingARK

photo of drew with head torch peering out through foliage

Today the ants launched to the air and so as it happens did our blog.

As the last of the day light fades I’m writing this first post about our time spent at the Union Street Urban Orchard.

Mischa has gone home on my bike and I am now stranded unless I top-up my oyster card or I decide to wheelie what is left of Mischa’s bike back home. I don’t miss my flat just my new female friend who conveniently lives round the corner, who rightfully said that unless i have a toilet and a shower she ain’t staying in the , my argument about buckets and there number of uses was blown out the water by one skin of her teeth and the full whites of her eyes. Anyway that will all be sorted in the coming weeks, as always it seems we are waiting on parts.

The light has gone and the solar lights are now the most visible things in the orchard after me on the front porch with my Mac and its broken screen. The ants that hatched today are still around however most have lost there wings now. What a great gift to be able to actually fly the nest…that would be quite a good incentive for young people however I think most would opt for a bungee jump to be on the safe side. Nature rarely offers such a choice it’s do or die Darwinism.

Right that is about the fifth bite I’ve received… I’m going in. I’ll try and get the hang of this blogging thing, If I lack for copy I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed with all that’s happened. I must tell you the one about selling flowers out of wheel barrow in Waterloo station. Mischa will be tomorrow. I say Goodnight along to the chimes of Big Ben.


photo of vinyl Union Street Urban Orchard signage on tiled brick wall

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amazinraisin on the Urban Orchard

July 6th, 2010 · News

Shannon Munro Denny (amazinraisin) featured the Urban Orchard in her blog on upcycling, twice!

thanks for the lovely photos & write-up!

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Apples in the Orchard

June 28th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Join apple explorers Poppy Nichol on an apple tasting and mapping workshop and Charlie Tims for a cider making and apple press demonstration.

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