The Union Street Urban Orchard

The Union Street Urban Orchard

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The Union Street Urban Orchard was created by Wayward Plants, The Architecture Foundation, Bankside Open Spaces Trust and ProjectARKs.

The Team

The team

Heather Ring, Orchard Designer & Creative Director, Wayward Plants (

Thomas Kendall, Assistant Project Manager, Wayward Plants (

Peter Graal, Orchard Collaborator, Bankside Open Spaces Trust (

Drew Woodhouse, Orchard Collaborator, ProjectARKs (

Mischa Altmann, Orchard Collaborator, ProjectARKs (

Sarah Ichioka, Director, The Architecture Foundation

Moira Lascelles, Consultant Curator, London Festival of Architecture (

Claire Healey, Assistant Site Curator

Mike Massaro, Site Photographer (

Illustrations by Alison Scott, Logo Design by Lizzie Frost, Graphic Design by Teresa Diaz, Website Design by Sian Jones and Lighting Design by Playlight.

About Wayward Plants

Wayward Plants is an award-winning practice – a collective of designers, artists and urban growers. We create imaginative responses to derelict sites and meanwhile spaces that explore social exchange and botanical narratives. Following the Union Street Urban Orchard, Wayward Plants returned to Union Street in 2011 to create the Urban Physic Garden, a pop-up garden shaped by the hospital and pharmacy, with a focus on medicinal plants and herbs that heal. The project brought together nearly 200 volunteers and hosted more than 100 events, from community workshops to high‐profile performances and talks.. The garden is currently touring Thailand and Vietnam by invitation of the British Council.

Other projects include the Algaegarden, featured at the 2011 and 2012 Metis International Garden Festivals in Quebec, and the Future Technologies Garden for Google Campus London. Wayward Plants takes a unique approach to landscape architecture through the creation of narrative environments. Our landscapes express stories that connect people through nature, creating vibrant places that are productive, meaningful and imaginative.

About the Architecture Foundation

The Architecture Foundation is a non-profit agency for contemporary architecture, urbanism and culture. We cultivate new talent and new ideas. Through our diverse programmes we facilitate international and interdisciplinary exchange, stimulate critical engagement amongst professionals, policy makers and a broad public, and shape the quality of the built environment. We are independent, agile, inclusive and influential. Central to our activities is the belief that architecture enriches lives.

About The London Festival of Architecture 2010

The Festival will take place from 19 June to 4 July 2010, encompassing three weekends and two intervening weeks. Each weekend has a different geographic focus: Central: Nash Ramblas, East : High Street 2012 and South: Bankside Urban Forest . The Festival will incorporate complementary initiatives the International Architecture Student Festival, the International Architecture Showcase, Love Your Street and Open Studios. The London Festival of Architecture is produced collaboratively by London’s leading architectural organisations The Architecture Foundation (AF), New London Architecture (NLA) and the Royal Institute of British Architects London (RIBA) in coordination with a broad range of cultural and professional partners. The London Festival of Architecture is sponsored by Arts Council England, Land Securities and the London Development Agency.

The LivingARK

The LivingARK is Bill Dunster’s (ZEDfactory) original ‘pod’ prototype which was first exhibited in early 2009. Many have taken inspiration from this deceptively large temporary structure, whether it be it’s shape, use of materials or off-grid capability.

During the summer months the LivingARK will play a number of roles within The Union Street Orchard. It will be a home, an office, a gallery (, a classroom and an information and security point for all visitors to the orchard.

Following an unsuccessful arson attack, The LivingARK will be restored and manned by projectARKs made up of Drew and Mischa from livingARKs Ltd.


BOST is the Bankside Open Spaces Trust, working in the area south from the Thames near London Bridge BOST works to shape local concern into action, for parks, gardens, the streetscape and the wider shared environment.

BOST promotes inclusive action and carries out consultation to ensure that local needs are met for each green space in the area. We work in partnership with local people, Southwark Council is a key funder and land managing partner, we are grateful for support from businesses, and to other partners and funders. We run steering groups for the majority of our projects to ensure full local management and inclusion of all stakeholders in decision making.

BOST works closely with local people to facilitate local improvements. We are proud to have been awarded Goldstar status to support and share our work involving volunteers in improving their environment.